We are located on the third floor of 7 S. Mickey Mantle Dr. Suite 377. This is the building across the street from Bricktown Ballpark and located above the Mickey Mantle Steakhouse. Street parking is available on the east side of Mickey Mantle Drive and around the corner on Sheridan. There are also parking lots located on the northwest corner and southeast corner of the intersection of Mickey Mantle and Sheridan. Walk past the entrance to Mickey Mantle’s and enter the stairwell/elevator inside the glass doors to the left.

Our consultations are free. We recommend you come into our office and meet with our team to determine whether our attorneys are a good fit for your needs. We then will evaluate your retainer fee based on that consultation.

A retainer is an estimate of the cost for a firm to start representing you in your case. The retainer amount depends on the complexity of your case and will be determined during your consultation. When you pay your retainer, your money will go into a Trust account. As attorneys and assistants work on your case, the office will bill your Trust for services rendered. It is possible that you will have additional fees as your case is worked on.

In any family law case, at some point you will be asked for paycheck stubs, tax returns, credit card and bank statements (individual and joint), property deeds, and a list of any additional property you want to make sure comes with you.

Phillips Patten Law does not do pro-bono work, but we know that legal assistance is not cheap. We will work with you to help you get the best representation you possibly can and help keep your costs down.

Yes. Lance Phillips practices within state and federal courts in Oklahoma.

The term “Custody” and “Visitation” are sometimes used in the same context; however, they have different meanings. Custody is a much broader term and refer to either the legal or physical custody of the child. Visitation, on the other hand, is a more specific term that refers to the time that the noncustodial parent spends with the child.

There are times when the parties involved in litigation cannot seem to come to an agreement at a personal level. This is a time when a Guardian ad Litem is appropriate. For example, sometimes during a divorce, the parents involved find that they cannot co-parent well. When this happens, the children involved suffer. The Guardian ad Litem will look out for the best interest of the children and make sure an agreement can be reached that is beneficial for them as well. A Guardian ad Litem is also appropriate for guardianships where an adult cannot properly advocate for his or herself. For example, in the case of an elderly parent or someone with a disability. The Guardian ad Litem works to make sure that this person’s voice is heard when others are arguing over various aspects of litigation.

Mediation is a time where the parties and their attorneys try to come to an agreement prior to trial taking place. This is in the best interest of both parties always. The goal of mediation is settle a divorce without the courts having to make any sort of ruling.

Phillips Patten Law does not recommend taking a parenting class online. There are some that are offered; however, many judges in the state of Oklahoma do not accept these classes as valid, and therefore you may be wasting your time and money. Phillips Patten Law will provide a list of available locations for your parenting class upon request.

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