Family Law

Family law can be divided into several subdivisions: divorce, guardianship, adoption, termination of rights, child custody, paternity, and victims’ rights.  Each of these areas has one thing in common: family members.  Whether it is the joyful joinder of parents with their newly adopted child, the serious and careful supervision of an adult or child by a guardian, or the heart-wrenching dissolution of a family, it is part of family law. Click on a link below for more information.

How often has one of your friends told you that she has never been to court? Then she follows that statement up with, “Well, I was in divorce court, but not real court.” Or the person who says he has never been in criminal court, but then adds that he was charged with possession of marijuana, but he wasn’t convicted. Both of these comments show a lack of understanding of the law and how it impacts on each of us.

Most people who find themselves in court are either in criminal court or in one of the family law courts. The multi-million dollar lawsuits which occupy the headlines are a rarity. The class action suits we all read about are even rarer. But what is much more common, and what impact the lives of many, many people are the areas of law involving crimes or families.

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Criminal Law

Phillips Patten Law will defend you against criminal charges, whether they exist at a local or federal level. DUI, breaking and entering, drug use, trafficking, or many other crimes. Click on a link below for more information.

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