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Guardian ad Litem Services

Sometimes during a contentious court case, an additional attorney is required to step in and represent the best interest of the ward involved, whether that ward is a child or an incapacitated adult. This is called the Guardian ad Litem, or GAL.

A Guardian ad Litem is not the same as an attorney appointed for a Ward. An attorney appointed for the Ward will follow the requests of the Ward. A Guardian ad Litem, however, is in a unique position. A Guardian ad Litem looks out for the Ward when guardians or parents cannot come to an agreement and provides his or her recommendation for further steps, always keeping the Ward’s interests first. 

A Guardian ad Litem is often seen in cases of divorce and paternity and tends to pertain to minor children involved in unresolved adult disagreements. However, a GAL will step in during cases of adult guardianships as well. A Guardian ad Litem is appointed by the Court and then hired by the parties involved.