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Victim Protective Services

The last word concerning types of family law is reserved for the victim protection court.  These are cases in which a person is seeking court protection from another person.   Except for rare cases, most victim protective cases involve family members.  Often VPO’s, as they are called, arise while the people are involved in divorce or paternity actions, and the decisions made in VPO courts impact on the other case.  Also, the victim protection case is often intertwined with a criminal case.  The issuance of a victim protective order against a man or woman can impact that person’s ability to hold a job or own a firearm.  It can dictate where the person can and cannot go, who he or she can communicate with, and many other aspects of the person’s life. 

Suffice it to say that when a person stands up in VPO court, he or she should be standing next to an attorney looking out for the person’s rights.